The Children's Writing project is unlike the cliché texts of book promotion pages, publishing advertisements, reader and mom blogs that say “I like it very well, it is a very nice book” but do not explain in depth why the book is beautiful; was born to remind the need for "criticism" in children's literature. Our aim is to approach "children's literature", which has an important place in Turkish literature as an independent field and has qualified works, from a critical, objective and academic perspective, just like adult texts.

It is possible to make the aesthetical quality of children's literature discussible by “criticism”. Considering that the number of children's literature books published every month and the number of child readers that these books reach hundreds of thousands, there is a much greater lack and gap in children's literature than the need for “criticism” of contemporary Turkish adult literature.

Here, we aspire to fill this deep gap with the Children's Writing project!

We consider it more appropriate to approach these texts with the classification of "children's writing" instead of "children's literature" in order to include the generic diversity in the narrative plane. In this context, we publish critical texts in which we examine all kinds of texts written / published in the genres of stories, novels, poems, theater, interviews, biographies, series, cartoons, comics, movies, animated films independent from author, publisher and any ideology. In our opinion, any text published “for children” can be associated with children's writing. At this point, our only criterion in the texts we examine is compliance with the principle of "suitability to the child".

Just like a periodical, we reinforce our steps on this path with critical articles and videos that we publish in the "Agenda", "Critique", "Cinema", "Interview" and “Inquiry” sections of our site within certain time periods. We are aware of the importance of working in this field and writing more.

Another goal of ours is to raise awareness about the need of this field in the academy in Turkey.

We invite you to be sensitive about the significance of everything written and drawn for children.

Children's Writing Team