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Reasons For Burning The Little Black Fish in the World of Fahrenheit 451

Books of Samad Behrangi are generally thought as children books by Turkish readers; accepted as a form of children literature.


Is Ataturk Poetry Transforming to Performative Writings?: "Children of Atatürk March"

"Children of Atatürk”, as a polyphonic coral performance performed by thousands of different students at primary and secondary schools; watched, shared and commented in social media platforms, and has become very popular in the past few years.


Buz Bebekler (Ice Babies) as an Example of Psychological and Physical Harassment

Buz Bebekler, is a story book of Miyase Sertbarut who is famous for her children’s books and radio plays, published in 2014. Book is the diary of a 13 years old girl, Ece. Ece is a waif, found at the ground floor of a block.


Which “Other” in Children’s Literature?

The first name that comes to mind in the social sciences on the topic of other is undoubtedly Michel Foucault.


Four Faces of Abuse

Child abuse is examined under four acknowledged titles: physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse and neglect.


Little Red Riding Hood Narrations in the Post-truth Form

Vladimir Propp criticizes the research made before him on the fairy tale in his Morphology of the Folktale and says: "In order to investigate the origins and sources of the fairytale, it is first necessary to know what the fairy tale is" (Rifat 9).


A Little Away from Earth, a Story Very Close to “Us”: Little Night Cat

Sonja Danowski’s story named Little Night Cat makes the reader think about mercy, animal- human relation and consuming. We can watch the story through Sonja Danowski’s brush as we read it through her pen.


A Narration on Father Figure: Yeşil Kertenkele (Green Lizard)

Even though it was not written by Yaşar Kemal directly appealing to child readers, it can be said that Yeşil Kertenkele has the properties to appeal and address to child readers both its protagonist and its clear language.


Interview with Melike Günyüz

This month we, Children’s Literature are guests of Erdem Yayın Grubu. Thank you so much for hosting us.


Another Carnival: In the Palace by Nâzım Hikmet

It is a known fact that some of Nâzım Hikmet’s texts are published as children’s book separately or in groups apart from his four books series named as Tales and Stories.


Dino-Technological Narratives in Children's Literature

Walter J. Ong, in his Orality and Literacy: The Technologizin of the World, emphasizes that the transformative side of technology on human thinking has already been realized through the invention of letters.


A Real Childhood Lived as a Fiction: My First Novel

My First Novel, which is the first children’s book of Sevin Okyay who is known for her translations, radio programs and cinema writings, was fictionalized as a "special notebook" written by the character named Sevin, a ten years old character.